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Being applied in the outstanding "sputtering and Hard Coating
Technology", "Classic" improves The Aesthetics of the building and
maintains its function by the excellent durability.
Also, by blocking people's eye, it ha has the good "privacy" function
(blocking people's eye)
Benefit of Architectural Window Film (Heat Rejection Film, Safety Film, and Security Film)
  1. Blocks solar heat and saves energy and air conditioning costs.
  2. Blocks 99% of hazardous UV rays, protecting skin and preventing decoloration and discoloration of interior furniture and curtains.
  3. With its high visibility and glare reduction, it protects eyes and provides vivid prospect.
  4. Protects privacy and enhances building facade.
  5. Prevents secondary damage caused by shattering in the event of external physical impact.
  6. Dew condensation protection in the winter
99% UV Ray Blocking It protects skin and room furniture discoloration by blocking 99% of UV rays.
Saving Energy by 20% Cool in the summer and warm in the winter
Glass Shatterproof from
Typhoon Impact
Glass is resistant to breaking and shatterproof in the event of typhoon or physical impact.
Clear Vision Ultra-clear window film, and provides outstanding visibility.
Visible Light Transmitted Ratio of visible light (380~780nm) transmitted from solar radiation energy. The 15% indicates 15% of visible light transmitted. It generally means film concentration.
Shading Coefficient Objective base value rejecting solar radiation heat transmission through the glass window. The lower the shading coefficient, the lower the solar radiation heat transmitted indoors, and the more it saves room-cooling energy.
UV Rejected Ratio of hazardous UV rays blocked. It protects eyes and skin and minimizes deformation of indoor valuables. The entire line of SKC building window film products protects against 99% of UV rays or more.
IR Rejected IR blocking is measured only for the range of Infra-red, but is very closely related to heat. The higher performance a film is, the higher IR blocking it has in the same concentration and the better Heat Rejection performance it provides.
Total Solar Energy Rejected Ratio of total solar energy incident, reflected and absorbed to/by the film. The higher the TSER, the better the thermal blocking performance. Because TSER increases only by raised concentration, it should be considered along with IR rejected.
Haze Film clarity. The lower it is, the clearer and more vivid visibility. SKC produces ultra-clear window films in the industry’s lowest 0.4-6% clearness for sale all around the world.
Scratch Resistant Factor preventing film surface scratches to keep film clear and maintained for a long time. Applying top-class hard coating technology, SKC window film provides outstanding durability.
Architectural Window Flim
  1. Efficiently saves energy and air conditioning costs through high-performance thermal blocking ratio.
  2. Protects against decoloration and discoloration of interior furniture as well as prevents skin cancer by blocking 99% or more of hazardous UV rays.
  3. Prevents secondary damage from external physical impact by shatterproof property.
  4. High visibility and clear vision for eyesight protection and fatigue reduction.
  5. Prevents external intrusion and ensures security.
  6. Highly pure high-quality ceramic material
  7. Hybrid product combining sputter and ceramic coating technologies
  8. Patented cutting-edge coating technology developed by top scientists in SKC
  9. SKC assures quality and outstanding world-class durability.