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  3. Heat Control
  4. Security & Safety
Enhance The Look - Add Privacy - Add Anti Hi-Jack Security
There is far more to vehicle window film than just dark windows!!
We have a range of automotive films that control heat, glare, ultraviolet light...even unwanted access to your vehicle. We don't just black
If can be very important to some car owners to prevent others seeing into their vehicle - be it to obsure valuables or equipment, or simply give your passengers their own private requirements.
Heat Control
A large amount of solar heat gain comes into your vehicle through the glass. This can be greatly reduced by adding an appropriate automotive window film to reject the suns rays - giving you and your little ones a more comfortable, cooler environment.
Glare from the sun can reduce the enjoyment of your journey. Not only is it a hazard, but it can increase fatigue and escalates the potential for accidents. Adding the appropriate window film significantly reduces glare and promotes a more comfortable and relaxing environment in your vehicle.
Security & Safety
We have a range of clear and tinted security and safety films that can protect the vehicles occupants and valuables from the more undesirable elements of our society, keeping you safe from attack and flying glass fragments. Unwanted entry to your vehicle will be significantly delayed by the correct intallation of on of these safety films.