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Based on various types of film-manufacturing technologies and highly
functional optical film technologies that have been accumulated over a
30-year period, SKC has begun producing a new window film; the
ultra-clear (optical grade transparent) window film. SKC's window film is
highly recognized thanks to its unbeatable hard coating technology
(scratch-resistant coating), clarity, and high durability.
You will find SKC window film stable and reliable.
Automotive Window Flim
  1. Efficiently saves energy and air conditioning costs through outstanding Heat Rejection Ratio.
  2. Maintains vehicle interior temperature while driving by blocking excessive solar heat.
  3. Protects against decoloration and discoloration of furniture inside vehicles as well as prevents skin cancer by blocking 99% or more of hazardous UV rays.
  4. Its high visibility eases the driver’s eyes, protecting eyesight and reducing fatigue.
  5. Reduces glare up to 94% for safe driving.
  6. Enhanced film durability and scratch resistance by state-of-the-art coating technology
  7. Prevents secondary damage from external physical impact by shatterproof property.
  8. Highly pure and high-quality ceramic material
  9. Patented cutting-edge coating technology developed by top scientists in SKC
  10. SKC assures quality and outstanding world-class durability.