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Masters vehicle window film blocks solar heat with its top-notch Heat
Rejection and keeps the vehicle interior cool and pleasant.
Customers will enjoy saving outstanding amounts of energy with it.
Using cutting-edge film production technology, it provides high visibility
and suppresses rainbow effect.
It provides high visibility not only in the daytime but also at night.
Vehicle Window Film Strengths
  1. Maintains room temperature by reducing solar heat inflow.
  2. Blocks ultraviolet rays to protect the skin.
  3. Adds privacy protection.
  4. Decreases glare to protect driver’s eyes.
  5. High durability of SR coating.
  6. Enhances vehicle aesthetics with luxurious colors.
Visible Light Transmitted ratio of visible light (380~780nm) transmitted from solar radiation energy.
The 15% indicates 15% of visible light transmitted. It generally means film concentration.
Visible Light Reflected ‘External’ number indicates reflection ratio of externally incident light and ‘Internal’ number indicates that of internal visible light. A film with a high ‘Internal’ number reflects the light incident from its rear side, which easily makes eyes tired.
Glare Reduction Easily overlooked, but it is a factor drivers easily sense. It reduces strong sunlight in daytime or headlights from oncoming traffic at night, and it is an important factor for a comfortable drive.
UV Rejected Ratio of hazardous UV rays blocked. It protects driver’s eyes and skin and minimizes vehicle interior deformation. The entire line of SKC vehicle window film products protects against 99% of UV rays or more.
IR Rejected IR blocking is measured only for the range of Infra-red, but is very closely related to heat. The higher performance a film is, the higher IR blocking it has in the same concentration and the better Heat Rejection performance it provides.
Total Solar Energy Rejected Ratio of total solar energy incident, reflected and absorbed to/by the film. The higher the TSER, the better the thermal blocking performance. Because TSER increases only by raised concentration, it should be considered along with IR rejected.
Haze Film clarity. The lower it is, the clearer and more vivid visibility. SKC produces ultra-clear window films in the industry’s lowest 0.4-6% clearness for sale all around the world.
Scratch Resistant Factor preventing film surface scratches to keep film clear and maintained for a long time. Applying top-class hard coating technology, SKC window film provides outstanding durability.